What Is Phishing and What Can it Do

What Is Phishing and What Can it Do?

Thisisforthesoldiers – If you weren’t aware of phishing (via software like this), then you’re Matthew.ie:

Matthew is an Internet marketer who has done over $200 million dollars in business. Most of his work involves ensuring that names and shadings are removed from telephone directories, credit card manifests and other forms of commonly exchanged private business information.

Matthew’s most recent project was helping toilitating the identification of China domain registrars that abuse the Internet to cheat their unsuspecting clients. During the nearly three year stay in China, his company received no less than five million requests to remove names and shadings from domain directories, search engines, and other commonly used forms of private business information.

One of the methods that the company used to cull the information was to use an automated algorithm to inspect, rate, and filter websites. The program used a set of built-in rates to filter out whether the website was illegal or not. If it was illegal, it would be marked as such in a drop-down box on a list that could be purchased with his company’s payment.

The algorithm was an especially good choice because it could automatically comb through websites, file attachments, and e-mail to determine whether the sent data was legit or not. Even so, it was a drawn out and at times intrusive process that many people found annoying and costly.

After spending a sleepless night realizing that the company had been victim to a rampant and furious internet identity theft group, the founder of the company was ready to quit and fight back with everything he had. So, he quit but not before emptying his bank account.

The group pokerclub88 successfully stole his personal information by using malicious programs called keyloggers which record every keystroke made on an infected computer. Then, the hackers were able to transmit his private information across the internet to other websites where it could be sold and bought.

He was able to get the word out and this is how he and others were able to joyfully inform everyone that there programs to stop keylogging.

Now, this is advanced software that is lying within your computer system right now; it could be in your computer, your PC, or a mobile phone. There might be no signs of an infection but, there might be something lurking in your system that could be easily stolen. For example, it could be a file containing a virus that could shut your computer down in a matter of seconds. However, instead of causing damage, this malicious file wouldslow down your computer, disable important components and reduce your internet speed to a crawl.

However, there might be no signs of an infection and your computer could still be infected. So, how do you tell that your computer is infected?

Here are some of the signs you would notice if your computer is infected:

  • If your computer is starting to show some signs of the above signs, it might be infected.
  • Your computer is progressively slowing down.
  • There might be times when your computer runs slowly even when you are not using it.
  • Clouds might be created randomly whenever you are online.
  • Your computer might automatically boot and stay on for a long time.
  • Firewalls might get in the way of your browsing experience and actually block you from continuing to the next page.
  • indingery loads of pop-ups that might stubbornly stay open even when you are not online.
  • Spyware might secretly settle in your computer, tracking you.
  • And the list goes on…
  • enge too often to ignore.