Playing Lever Games in an Online Casino - Luck is Not Enough

Playing Lever Games in an Online Casino – Luck is Not Enough

When playing in games of chance, like Bingo or Casinos, it is important to keep your emotions in check. Sometimes, we allow our emotions to get the better of us and we let our emotions make decisions for us instead of our mind. Little often, the decisions we make becomes a habit and it then becomes a pattern that we have to break in order to play responsibly again.

For example:

I was playing Blackjack and the dealer was showing a 6 as his up card. There was a woman who walked in that stood at the table with no money. She was very nervous. I remember that her up cards were all over the table showing that she had no idea what was coming up. Here was the situation: If the house had a 12 showing, the dealer would have to hit at least 35 times to break even. As it turned out, the dealer busted and the woman walked away with her winnings. The dealer showed his hole card as a 4, and the lady said to him, “I thought you were a loser!”

That is a bad example, but the point is that women will play any card game, be it bingo or Blackjack or Texas Hold’em, and if you Patriarchy is going to take control of the situation, than don’t fool yourself that your Patriarchy is going to make this work for you.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of guy that tries to put women on a level playing field with him, in other words tries to make his lady friend happy, you’d be well advised to lay off the woman and take up with a more deserving lady. It’s just grating that women are so insistently compared to men, when the fact is that most women are no where near as good as their men.

It’s equally true that many men play less than competent poker when they are single. The guys at work are very happy to let the women do the work while they sit back and relax. It doesn’t bother most men that the women at their table are not there. While women may not be clued up as good as men, they are just as likely to be on the same level as the average guy.

In live games, men often sit in the same spot as the card mega88 while the women sit on the directly opposite side of the guy. The guy doesn’t really miss them because he understands the game in a different way. He wouldn’t know how to play the game if the women hadn’t taken up position three seats down.

Online, the single most important factor to the game is the player’s cards. Once again, the quicker you can learn to put your opponents on a level playing field, the quicker you’ll be able to win consistently when playing against them. As in the live games, the easier it is to determine your opponent’s level of expertise – the quicker you can determine your opponents’ level of expertise, the quicker you can play back at them. When you are playing against a rock, you can’t afford to lose chips to a lady – you are just asking to be whacked. When you know you have the best hand, you have to be sure to bet – you are denying your opponent the opportunity to get lucky at a later point in the game.

There are some disadvantages to playing against men. First, when you do win a pot from a guy, you may not be invited to his next home game. Second, if you win the pot, you may have to deal with the fact that a lot of guys are going to be sitting at the table with you after you take home a little loot.Third, if you win the pot, and find yourself at the same table as a guy that took a couple of beating on you, there’s a good chance that guy is not going to take pity on you and he’s likely to stick around a little bit longer to take his revenge.

While all this is quiet important to know, you can’t help but have your own mental images of certain guys. You’ll see played out guys that are tough, chain smokers, Riley possibilities, and so on. But what you don’t see are the times when guys are trying to pick one another up, make love, or do whatever it is that they do in the privacy of their own homes. Where once we might have sneered at guys having sex, or called guys names that we wouldn’t hesitate to call women names in middle-oraVerde Probability, now we just call them names and laugh about it. (In fact, we already had one little boys in our family named John. Oh, the humanity.)

So, guys, if you’re out there playing cards, I hope you win every hand you play.